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Elihu Vedder, Past Member, Minerva, Mosaic Mural, Library of Congress

Welcome to NSMP ListServe!

E-mail distribution list of the National Society of Mural Painters (NSMP)


To provide an electronic means for NSMP members to make announcements, post questions, reply to their colleague's questions, provide and receive general information related to murals and public art, or just chat. Postings can focus on projects, research, materials, treatments, resources, price quotes, proposals, products, consultant referrals, germane professional announcements, etc. All postings should be group-appropriate and brief.


Subscriptions are free, of course, but generally are only open to those who are members in good standing (Not a NSMP member yet?Click on "Membership" link to the left). Subscriptions are not set up for NSMP members automatically; you must request you subscription (see instructions below).

A subscriber must also agree to follow standard professional internet etiquette (no individual messages, no foul language, no intimidation, no commercialism… etc). This is a “managed” list so any improper postings will be filtered out and those who attempted to post the massage will be contacted or unsubscribed from the list, if necessary. This is standard practice when managing electronic distribution lists.

To Subscribe (Not a NSMP member yet?Click on "Membership" link to the left):

To subscribe click on this link and submit application:


All subscriptions are subject to the NSMPList administrator and may take up to day for approval.

Posting a Message to The NSMPList:

Once you've been notified that you are a member of the NSMPList simply use your normal email application to compose your text in the body of your message (no attachments, please) and send to: 


Your posting will be relayed to all members of the NSMPList!

It is important that your posting have an accurate subject title so that the message will pop up in the right places when someone runs a search for that subject later on (see Archives).

Replying to a Message:

You have two choices when replying to another person’s posting. If your response is not appropriate to the whole list, you can reply to the original posting directly by sending a message to that e-mail address (cut and paste or just type it into your “New Message” box). If your response is appropriate for everyone on the whole list to read (most of your responses will be list-wide), then respond with text in the body of your message (again, no attachments) and send it to:


Note that replies are automatically set by the administrator to be distributed to the entire list. In other words, if you use your Reply button to respond to a posting, your message will go to the whole NSMPlist.